Selling Taiwan’s first large fried chicken in front of a 7-11 building overhang in Taichung.


Set up the Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken stall at Shilin Night Market, and rapidly became popular as one of the famous snacks in Shilin Night Market.


Introduced the CIS system, making Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken has more unique advantages and to segment it out with the market.


Apply for trademark registration in Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.


Began to actively develop multifunctional stores and to develop a wide range of products, so that the consumers have a greater diversity of choices.

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken originated from “Wang’s Large Fried Chicken” in Taichung.Using a unique processing technique and exclusive herbal marinate recipe, has made it become an exclusive feature snack.Incidentally, the head office of Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken stall was set up in front of Yangming Theatre in Shilin Night Market.It quickly became one of the symbolic street foods of Shilin Night Market where it often creates a sales achievement of selling 3000 servings a day. This made Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken quickly becoming a majorly popular gourmet product of Taiwan.

The distinguished feature of Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken is in its amazingly extra large sized fried chicken (up to 30cm).From the moment it is picked from the deep fryer, the heavenly aroma of the fried chicken wafted past that is hard to resist and stimulates the appetite!People are attracted to line up as we open up for business every day. Not to mention that when the queuing crowd becomes too large, the sales staff also needs to act as traffic police to control the crowds standing in line so as to avoid traffic congestion.These actions have all attracted various media companies to make news coverage which coincidentally gave rise to a greater response!